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Chart Your Alpine Journey: Gornergrat Timetable

Step aboard the magical Gornergrat railways and brace yourself for an unforgettable alpine escapade! With a carefully crafted timetable, you'll be in sync with the rhythm of nature, catching the majestic Matterhorn in all its glory. Know all about the timings and stops in between, so you know when and what not to miss.

Gornergrat Timetable - Zermatt Gornergrat Bahn to Gornergrat Summit

Operating Hours
Summer (June 10, 2023 - October 15, 2023)
7 AM - 7:30 PM/ 8 PM
30 - 50 mins
30 minutes
Autumn (October 16, 2023 - November 1, 2023)
7 AM - 5:40 PM
30 mins - 1 hour
30 minutes

Station Stops in Gornergrat Timetable

Altitude (above sea level)
Zermatt Gornergrat Bahn Station
1,604 meters
1,770 meters
8 minutes
2,209 meters
8 minutes
2,582 meters
8 minutes
2,818 meters
6 minutes
3,089 meters
4 minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gornergrat Timetable

What is the Gornergrat timetable?

The Gornergrat timetable is a schedule that outlines the departure timings of the Gornergrat Railway, offering travelers a chance to experience the stunning Swiss Alps and the iconic Matterhorn. It provides detailed information on when the trains depart from Zermatt to Gornergrat and back.

How often do trains run on the Gornergrat Railway?

Trains run regularly on the Gornergrat Railway with a frequency of approximately every 35 minutes. This allows travelers to have flexibility in planning their mountain adventure.

Are there any early morning departures to catch the sunrise?

Absolutely! For those eager to witness the magical sunrise over the Alps, early morning departures are available. The first train from Zermatt departs at 07:00, ensuring you don't miss the breathtaking sight of the rising sun painting the mountains in golden hues.

Can I view the full timetable online?

Yes, the Gornergrat timetable is conveniently available online. You can access it through the official Gornergrat website or other reliable travel platforms. This allows you to plan your trip in advance and make the most of your time in the Swiss Alps.

Do the trains have multiple stops along the way?

Indeed! The Gornergrat Railway makes several stops during its journey, allowing travelers to hop on and off at various stations. Each stop provides unique viewpoints and hiking opportunities, adding to the overall experience.

Are there any seasonal changes to the timetable?

While the Gornergrat Railway operates throughout the year, it's essential to be aware of any seasonal changes in the timetable. Timings might vary during peak tourist seasons or due to weather conditions. Checking the latest schedule before your trip is advisable.

Can I purchase tickets for the Gornergrat Railway in advance?

Yes, it's highly recommended to secure your tickets in advance, especially during busy periods. Online ticket booking options are available, ensuring a hassle-free experience and guaranteeing your spot on the train.

Is the Gornergrat Railway wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Gornergrat Railway is wheelchair accessible, making it inclusive for all travelers. The staff is trained to assist passengers with limited mobility, ensuring everyone can relish the breathtaking views.

Can I combine the Gornergrat Railway trip with other activities in the region?

Absolutely! The Gornergrat excursion can be seamlessly combined with various activities, such as hiking, skiing, or exploring nearby attractions. The region offers an abundance of opportunities for adventure and exploration.

What makes the Gornergrat Railway experience unique?

The Gornergrat Railway offers a truly extraordinary journey through the Swiss Alps, presenting awe-inspiring views of the Matterhorn and surrounding peaks. It's an experience of a lifetime, allowing you to connect with nature's splendor and create cherished memories along the way.